optional competitions

Each regional event as well as the Grand National Finals will have optional competitions. Examples of optional competitions are Runway, Photogenic, Supermodel, Fun Wear, and Talent. The events will be the same for all of the regional competitions.  There may be additional optional cmpetitions added for the Grand National Final.

The optional competitions are completely separate from the Gown Competition and do not factor in for the Queen Title.  These events will have their own entry fee and their own prizes. Winners will receive a cash award!  See application and handbook for more information.

exemplar queen

The Exemplar Queen is a very special title.  At the State Pageant, this title is the same level as Queen.  You receive the same crown and the same prize package as the Queen.  If you decide to enter this event, you will complete a separate biography sheet that will showcase your accomplishments in school, public service, charitable work, sports, etc.  The judges want to know where you excel.  What are you doing in life that makes you special? The judges will use this information along with your interview, introduction, gown score and a final panel interview to determine who receives this special title in each age division.  Even younger children can prepare for this title as they are learning and developing skills taught to them by their parents and teachers.  All contestants are eligible to enter this extra title per age division except our “Queens in Training”.

hair and makeup guidelines

Interview | Introduction
No makeup in Tiny, Young, Princess or Darling age divisions.

Light, natural, age appropriate makeup for Pre-teen, Jr. Teen, Teen, Miss and Ms. 

Makeup styles should be more business-like than stage or party and should enhance the contestant’s natural beauty.

Evening Gown | Optional Stage Events
No makeup in the Tiny division

Neutral powder | clear lip gloss only in the Young division

Light makeup in the Princess, Darling and Preteen divisions.

A more elegant style of hair and makeup is allowed in the Jr. Teen through Ms. Age divisions.  Please remember that no hair and makeup styles should be overpowering.  This is NOT a glitz style pageant.  The judges want to see your beautiful faces enhanced by hair and makeup not just the hair and makeup.


queens in training

ALL ages are welcome to compete at AMP. Many scholarship/interview style pageants do not allow babies and toddlers to compete.  At AMP we encourage contestants to start when they are young so they are experienced and prepared when moving into the older age brackets.  So, we have created a "Queens in Training" group for our babies and toddlers. This will give them a chance to become familiar with this type of pageantry and will be a wonderful way to learn interview and public speaking at a very young age. I can tell you that my children both benefited greatly from participating in interview when they were very young!  They both started at the age of 1 and it was very beneficial in school, in their modeling careers, and in pageantry.

gown competition

During Orientation, contestants will be introduced to the America’s Miss Stage Pattern.  There will be on stage training and practice. 

Floor length gowns are required for all age divisions (shorter tea length/baby doll style dresses OK for babies and toddlers). Gowns should fit and flatter the contestant and showcase their individual personality and style.  Each contestant should feel beautiful and special in their gown.  All gowns in every division should be tasteful and age appropriate.  No high cut slits or inappropriate cut outs, etc.  Gowns should be elegant and may be embellished, beaded, or stoned.  No cupcake style glitz dresses allowed.

Everyone wants to be Queen!

There will be a QUEEN in each age division! Contestants only compete against those in their own age bracket. Age brackets were chosen very carefully so that they will work for all of our contestants. Judges will know the exact age of the contestant and they will be judged on an age appropriate ability within their age bracket. 

Regional Queens will move on to the Grand National Finals!  They are not permitted to enter other regional competitions.  Because what's better than representing your state?  Representing an entire region!

The Queen will receive an amazing crown, lots of gifts, a rhinestone trimmed sash, registration fee paid to Nationals PLUS a national competition fee discount and much more!



There will also be a “second place” title in every age division.  This title will have a special name based on the location of the pageant.  i.e. America’s Miss Eastern States, America’s Miss DelMarVa, etc.  This title holder will also receive a crown, sash and prize package.  Second place title holders are allowed to enter other state pageants prior to the Grand National Final.  They will also receive 1/2 of their national registration fee paid and an additional discount toward event fees.


age divisions - exciting new age divisions added!

0-2 years Tiny Queens in Training
3-4 years Young Queens in Training
5-7 years Princess Division
8-10 years Darling Division
11-13 years Pre-teen Division
14-16 years Jr. Teen Division
17-19 years Teen Division
20-24 years Miss Division
25 -34 years Ms. Division

35-49 years Elegant Division
50+ years Exquisite Division

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